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The Pearson Students blog features pieces written by students with topics that focus on the college student experience - student success, student life, career prep, etc. While topics can be wide-ranging, they must relate back to the college student experience in some way.

Please keep in mind:

  • A blog pitch should be about a paragraph in length and include the "so what?" explanation as to why your topic is important. The pitch should be a summary of the main points that you want to cover in your blog and should not be more than 150 words. Do not send an entire blog submission or it will be rejected.  
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  • If your blog is accepted and your draft is finalized, the Pearson Students Blog team will schedule your blog to be published on the Pearson Students Blog site. Be sure to link to your published blog from your Linkedin and list your published blog in accomplishments. This is a BIG opportunity to be PUBLISHED, celebrate it! 
  • If you are not a Pearson Campus Ambassador, submit your pitch with your college (.edu) e-mail address. 

Here are some example blog pitches:

"There is no such thing as being “bad” at English! Some of us may struggle, but anyone can learn to write an A+ essay. Whether it’s learning to read a book critically or figuring out how to organize an essay in a way that is both creative and coherent, students struggle to make an essay their own. But I have good news! All it takes is a few steps to write creative, organized, and interesting essays while still following all of the rules your professor has given you. This blog article will share 7 important tips for writing a great essay. One example is “Step 5: Quality over quantity when it comes to quoting…”

Growing up, my parents told me "do what you love, and the money will follow." Though my sister decided to take this to heart and become a full-time musician, my parents were actually rather skeptical of her decision. My sister and I formed a soft-rock band, and our lives have never been the same. What started as a hobby has turned into a whirlwind adventure of recording an album, playing live shows, and connecting with people on a new level. I have started using social media marketing to connect with our audience, and have gained communication skills through negotiating with music venues for concert bookings. My parents were right: if you have the ability and the skill, and you love what you do, go at it full-force, and success will someday follow.

I think as a college student taking several classes, each with their long lectures and hour-long exams, having to complete a set of questions and activities on a weekly basis isn't the best. It's even worse when you get all the tricky questions. But, MyLab and Mastering program is not out to kill your grades. I was able to use the programs in my sciences courses to see how well I understood the material. It's actually great supplemental material, as well. In this article, I'll talk about my experiences using the programs and my tips on how to make the best of it.

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